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As an expert in teen- parent relationships, I have developed a unique, and effective approach to help parents understand the specific physical, cognitive and emotional/social issues that arise in adolescence. The many changes that occur during adolescence can often be a challenge for parents. Understanding these developmental changes are the key to successfully navigating this stage and maintaining a close, loving relationship between a teen and their parents.

I have designed a coaching model that even in a single session provide a variety of concrete strategies designed to immediately effect the dynamic between parent and child. Coaching sessions can be held in parent's home or workplace, coffee bars or hotel lobbies, and through phone or SKYPE. I go where you are!

Issues addressed in coaching sessions may include but are not limited to:
  • Identifying your teen's "lightening rod, imaginary audience and personal fables"
  • Learning how to teen -proof your home
  • Learning how to teen-proof your relationship
  • Learning how to set appropriate limits so your teen will want to follow them
  • Helping your teen through a family crisis, i.e. divorce, loss, moves
  • Developing effective tools for identifying and dealing with your teen's experimentation with alcohol, drugs and sex
  • Understanding high expectations VS unrealistic expectations, what are the consequences for your teen's emotional well-being

A Quick Question

Sometimes you don't need an hour of coaching. Often a quick: "Am I on the right track?" is all a parent needs. With "A Quick Question" you can do just that. Buy a consulting hour, and bank 60 minutes of coaching time. Use the time when and how you need it. We can schedule conversation-time at your convenience. Contact me for more
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